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Why Paul E. Dunn?

A licensed and insured company dedicated to fitting your needs with the insurance you deserve, Paul E. Dunn Insurance is an independent insurance agency. We represent many different companies so we can find the coverage and price that is right for you.


We have been in business for over 20 years and, along the way, have formed a highly motivated and knowledgeable team that is ready and able to fully insure you. We use A+ rated or better companies because we aim to provide you with only the highest quality of services.


At Paul E. Dunn Insurance Agency, we understand that we are dealing with peoples’ lives on a daily basis. At no point does this become just a ‘job’ for us; rather, we embrace the idea that we work hard to improve the lives of our clients while promoting healthier lifestyles. We are a personable team and we try to foster lasting relationships with our clients. You are allowing us into your lives; you deserve to work alongside someone that you feel comfortable knowing the machinations of your personal life.

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